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Creating calm water scenes! Creating depth in the lake bed.

To continue from last week of blocking in the colors. I like to dip my brush into 3 paints at a time then do one or 2 strokes of the brush to make the basic stone shape, this is often where you get some great color blends but, be careful to not overwork the brush strokes at this point as it is very easy to over blend the paint which will remove the variations in color that are interesting in stones. The details and depth and shadows can be put in later once you are happy with the basic shape and composition of the painting and if the size of stones are too large it is easy to change it. Here I try to use colors that appear wet so from the beginning the stones have an appearance of being underwater. Then you can decide which stones you wish to be above the water line. I also start putting in the basic movement in the water by have dark blue and yellow strokes.

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