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Creating calm water scenes! Creating warm and cool zones.

Updated: Oct 19, 2020

To continue from last week creating depth in lake beds. At this time a like to start putting the highlights on the stones under water typically by painting the bottom of the stone using variations of brown, blue and black shadow. This has an immediate effect of changing the depth of the stone under water. Many of the distant stones are created

only by making a bottom shadow under the stone with no highlights on the top of the stone. As you can see from last weeks painting if I don’t like the water movement I just change it by coloring the stones back in and trying again, since this painting is not based on a picture I have a lot of room to change the painting to my liking. Here I have been highlighting the stones with Golden liquid acrylics, Interference Gold and C. T. Interference Green Orange to create a shimmer in the shoreline and a sense of warmth where the light is reflecting in the water. This is the first time I have tried these paints but as I brush over the stones with a blue/yellow mix of liquid paints the paint over not only softens the stones it helps to complete the look of the stones being under water and the stones I highlighted with the Interference still maintain a warm, clear appearance.

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Looks good Barry

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